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Monday; May 29

Happy Memorial Day!  I like the spirit of today because it reminds us to stop and remember those who have passed from this world, but left a mark on it.  Whether it is the soldier who died on a foreign field, a first responder who paid the ultimate price for a neighbor or a family member who left a living legacy today is the day we remember them for what they did.            As I think about the spirit of Memorial Day a couple of things come to mind.  First, the people we remember actually did something to make a difference.  They didn’t merely tell us what was wrong or complain about the injustices they heard about, they got involved.  Everyone has the right to an opinion and we live in an era in which there are multiple forums where we can express our thoughts, but those we remember were active in their influence.  Comments and criticisms are easy to express – it takes a hero to put words into action.  The second thought I have is why should we wait to honor someone in mem…