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Thursday; November 23

This is my favorite day of the year.  I even like it better than my birthday because the food is better!  Who can argue with the blend of food, football and friends?  Thanksgiving is a special time in our nation – not because it is a time of feasting or official beginning of the Holiday Season – but, because it is a day set aside for one of the richest and most blessed nations on earth to stop and express our thanks.  Can you imagine your Thanksgiving meal merely consisting of all the side-dishes without the main course?  Of course not!  The same can be said about the heart of our day.   It’s great to share a feast and good tidings, but without giving thanks for our blessings, all of the other stuff seems superficial. Most of us know how to express thanks, but even if we don’t here are three simple steps: 1)  See our blessings.  We are going to receive blessings whether we see them or not, but what makes the giving of thanks possible is the willingness to look for them. 2)  Feel the bles…