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Wednesday; January 24

How do we view our jobs – as the essence of who we are or as a part of what we do?  Traditionally, especially with men, we become so wrapped up in how we make a living that our quality of life is dictated by where we spend forty to fifty hours of our week.  If we are finding contentment and satisfaction in our jobs, the rest of our lives seem to flow pretty smoothly, but when we fall on hard times in our work-world, the rest of our existence suffers.  When things are not going well on the job it will also typically show up in our family, in our spiritual life and even in our health.  All too often, we filter every aspect of life through the emotional assessment of our jobs. What would happen if we changed our view of employment?  How much would our quality of life improve if – rather than gaining our self-esteem through our jobs – we viewed our jobs as merely a place to demonstrate the talents and gifts.  In essence, sort of like a stage actor, the role we play is independent of where …