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Friday; June 29

When I was a child, I lived most of my life in the South.All but a couple years of my childhood were spent in Florida, Texas or Georgia.You might expect that I would have been used to the heat, but the truth is that by the time I was a young adult I was ready for some coolness.For the next few decades I enjoyed living in places that were cooler than normal – in fact, some of them were just flat cold!While I got to where I enjoyed the cold weather, I found that the older I get, the more the warmth feels to me.In fact, I have enjoyed the hot muggy weather of the last few days. Sometimes, when we age, we find that our tastes change – and I have found this to be true in several aspects of life.When I was younger; I enjoyed exploring new things, now, I tend to like the familiar.Earlier in life; I was drawn to the parties and celebrations, now I enjoy the quietness of solitude.Interestingly, I have even found a change in my spiritual life.Through the years I enjoyed the structure of Paul’s a…