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Thursday; January 4

I will be the first to admit it … I have become a cold weather sissy.  While people all around the county are dealing with cold temperatures I am realizing just how little tolerance I have for the cold weather.  Sure there were days when I used to be able to get out and be active when the wind chills dipped below zero, but, frankly I just don’t like it anymore!  I think I have become more like an alligator than a polar bear – the thought of laying in the sun next to a nice warm river bank sounds pretty good. The reason I bring this up is not to complain – well, not really – but, to make a point.  When people would ask me how I could live in the frigid temperatures of the Northern Plains or the Rocky Mountains I would explain that it is just something you get used to.  Coming from Florida, in the beginning the cold was somewhat of a shock, but the more I was around it, the more comfortable I became.  In fact, there were times in my life when I got to where I enjoyed the cold weather – a…