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Wednesday; August 8

Do we celebrate success?It is easy to answer the question in the affirmative and, maybe from a national or community perspective we might, but I am not so sure that we do this in some of our most intimate relationships.Whether it is in our marriages, families, churches – or even on an individual level – I don’t know that we do a good job of enjoying the good times.Often, after finishing a successful program we move on to the next experience without taking the time to acknowledge what we have done.When we reach our 13th or 22nd or 37th wedding anniversary, do we savor the moment and celebrate the fact that we have done something many couples never get to experience?When we finish a successful event at church, do we spotlight the occasion or do we move ahead with the next event on the calendar?When we accomplish a milestone in our lives do we take a moment to relish what we have done or do we reflect on it to merely critique what went wrong throughout the process (we call this “lessons …