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Wednesday; October 10

During our Adult Bible Study last Sunday Morning I asked the question, “What is the most basic of all the human needs?”.  My thought process was fixed on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, so the answers I expected to get were things like sustenance, safety and security; yet the first answer I heard was “love”.  In an effort to make a point, I dismissed this answer and continued on with my thought, but the response kept creeping back into my mind.  As humans, do we need to feel love to survive?  Sure it can help us enjoy life and might help us to become more successful more quickly, but is it a basic human need?  I have heard this answer before – and accepted it’s truth – but, just how much does our success depend upon feeling loved?  Hmmm ... interesting question.           As I continue to search for the answer to the previous question, it did prompt a parallel question, “What is my responsibility to those around me?”.  If you take Malow’s approach, we need to make sure that peopl…