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Tuesday; September 11

September 11 has become a date that will live in infamy for our generation.Just like December 7, 1941 changed our nation’s history (and perception) so did 9/11/01.A lot of people will be thinking back on the day eighteen years ago when planes were used a weapons of mass destruction that not only took thousands of lives, but sent the United States into an international conflict that continues today.The events of that Tuesday morning changed minds, altered lives and disrupted families – not just for those most intimately impacted, but for thousands of others who were influenced by its waves and ripples. As I think back on this day, I am well aware of how it has created not only change, but also national and international uneasiness.Air travel, military service, international relationships, religious conflict and public safety are just a few things that have changed since that day.Yet, one more thing that I have noticed since that day is how many fewer people feel safe in our world.I beli…