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Tuesday; January 30

Have you noticed how rain can change our behaviors and attitudes?  I have seen people run out in front of cars to get in out of the rain.  We purchase umbrellas (which are often rendered useless with a gust of wind) to stay dry.  We change our plans or miss our outdoor workouts all because we want to avoid getting wet.  While rain can be annoying, it is just water!  It is the same stuff (and in the same form) that we voluntarily pour all over our bodies every time we take a shower.  The truth is that rain is good and productive, so rain isn’t the problem – our attitude about rain is our problem.  The other day as I was whining about the rain, it dawned on me that I have the same attitude about “life’s challenges” that I have about rain.  Life without challenges is non-existent, but even if it was possible to live without trying circumstances it wouldn’t be fun or productive.  The thing that gets us to try something different is coming upon new situations.  Challenges to our status quo…