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Monday; April 2

If you are around people who deal with suicide on a regular basis you might hear them describe it as a “permanent solution to a temporary problem”.   The folks who use this phrase are not trying to be calloused or casual toward a devastating decision, rather they are trying to help the rest of us understand “why” these things happen.  Too often, people get so wrapped up in their issues that they fail to experience the hope that will get them though a momentary rough patch in their lives. 
          As I pondered this description, I got to thinking how many other circumstances it would fit.  How many of us have left a job merely because we disagreed with a decision that merely had short-term implications?  How many families have been split up – not because of major issues – but, because people failed to agree over small, temporary issues?  How many friendships have been dissolved when two people couldn’t cope with a disagreement that, in the long term, really didn’t mean much?…