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Monday; January 1

When we discuss the coming of a new year it is tempting to get excited about a chance to begin again.  It might even sound like we get to hit a reset button or begin a reboot process so that everything starts anew.  Unfortunately, that isn’t necessarily accurate.  The unwrapping of a new calendar doesn’t mean that history has changed or events have been altered.  It isn’t like the movie “Groundhog Day” where we get to keep starting over until we get it right.  There is something nice about a new year, but it isn’t the answer to all of our past problems. The value in the new year is an artificial point in time when we can affect some changes in our lives.  No, we don’t get to start afresh, but we can start thinking and acting differently.  There are two areas where a chance to reframe ourselves can be advantageous: Attitudes:  For the most part, we get to pick our attitudes.  People can influence our circumstances, but we have the last say in how we respond or react to them.   A new year…