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Monday; October 22

We live in a very interesting time.  In years past, we had gotten into the habit of avoiding the discussion of sensitive topics.  We had been good about burying our heads in the sand and were more apt than not to avoid discussing hard topics like race, inequity and abuse of power or privilege.  Today, it doesn’t seem like you can turn on a TV, open a website or flip through a book without some type of discussion of some very challenging issues.   While there is value in having open and candid debates, we must make sure that our exchanges remain productive and civil.  Sure, we can review what has happened in the past, but we must stay on the appropriate course for plotting a productive future.  We can be passionate about our points of views, but we must make sure that we respect each other as fellow citizens and fellow humans.            The bottom line to undertaking any meaningful discussion is the ability to be better at the end than we were in the beginning.  Divisive words, quarre…