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Wednesday; July 26

As leaders, one of the toughest tasks we face is to realize the long-term impact of our decisions.  Many of us have been involved in businesses, organizations or relationships that are struggling and we must make decisions about what to do.  As we assess the choices before us, one of the most telling questions is, “Will this action actually ‘change’ the outcome or will it merely ‘delay the inevitable’?”  This challenge can manifest itself in a variety of ways:  will an infusion of cash breathe a fresh breath of life into a business or merely delay the debt collectors … will a change in management provide us with a fresh start destined for success or just hand the same old problems to a new person … will an innovative approach to advertising or recruiting garner the results we need to restore productivity or will it just deplete capital and increase discouragement?  In today’s world sometimes meaningful change is the only way stay afloat.           While this principle is impo…