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Thursday; December 12

Can you imagine what it was like when Gabriel the angel came to Mary and told her that she was about to become the mother of the Son of God?  We have heard this story so many times through the years that it may have lost a little of its intrigue, but just think what it would have been like to have an angel of God come to you (as a virgin) and tell you that not only are you pregnant, but you will be carrying and raising the hope of all mankind?  Wow!  I imagine that up to this point in her life Mary’s biggest dream was to grow up and marry her steady boyfriend, Joseph, and live out a common life in Nazareth.  Now her whole world was turned upside down.  We all know the “rest of the story”, but have you ever thought about how you would have responded to the angel’s news?  It would have been easy to dismiss it as impossible or refuse it because of the serious implications; but what Mary did explains why she was chosen by God.  Mary’s response was simple and straight-forward, “B…