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Tuesday; February 18

Have you ever done something you knew had the potential to get you disciplined at work?  Sure, a lot of us did things at school that might have gotten us called into the Assistant Principle’s Office, but no matter how serious that punishment was, we pretty much knew that we would be able to finish out our high school career.  However, there are some mistakes in the work-world that are serious enough to get us fired and, for most of us that would be a life-changing event.  Now, whether or not you have been in this situation, you can imagine the angst associated with that type of meeting with the boss.  What will they do?  Will I be scolded, suspended or fired?  Now, imagine your employer coming in and saying, “Yes, what you did was wrong and I could punish you for it, but I will be lenient.  I don’t want to lose you as a part of our team, so go on and get back to work!”.  What an incredible feeling that would be!  Wouldn’t this type of second chance give us a faith in leaders…