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Thursday; May 10

The other day I was scrolling through my social media account and found myself getting stressed.I would come across a comment made by one person, then move on to something else added by another respondent and, before long I started to feel the frustration (manifesting itself in the tightening of my neck muscles).It was at that point that I had a realization – it wasn’t “them” that was making me upset, it was “me” that was getting me riled up.I found that I was having a negative emotional reaction to something they were saying about their feelings on their Facebook account.It dawned on me – why should I be upset – they didn’t ask for my opinion about what they were saying and they weren’t arguing with me about something I was saying, so what it is the big deal?If they want to express their opinion, more power to them. I don’t have to agree with them and, frankly, I don’t even have to read them.
Do we ever make life too difficult?Have you noticed how easy it is to involve ourselves in th…