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Monday; November 26

I really like Thanksgiving Day, but I also enjoy the entire “Holiday Season” that runs from late November to about the day after Christmas.  There is something special about this month – not just because you can get a deal on just about anything you’d like to buy – but, because people seem to be better.  Some might chalk it up to trying to make it from the “Naughty List” to the “Nice List”, but I really think it has to do with a sense of religiousness in the season.   The presence of the reminder of the birth of Jesus tends to bring out a spiritual side in people.  There is more civility, more service, more generosity and more gentleness.  No, not everyone gets into the spirit of the season, but it is amazing to feel the change that exists.          I enjoy the break from the routine – and don’t mean to complain – but, this does seem to bring up the question, “Why don’t we do this all year long?”.  We can’t actually pinpoint the day Jesus was born as being December 25, nor is…