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Wednesday; December 12

Through the years I have lived in a few places that had snowfall.During most of the years in those places I have not had access to a snowblower, so I have had a lot of time to contemplate snow removal.The way I see it, there are three ways to deal with measurable snowfall:1)Going outside periodically during the snow storm and cleaning the walks and driveway.This maintenance process may take more total effort, but the chore doesn’t feel as overwhelming.2)Waiting until the snow has finished falling and clearing it all at one time.While this is the preferred way for those with mechanical devices, this can be a big chore for hands-on people.3)Waiting for Mother Nature to rectify the situation on her own.If nature put the snow on my walks and driveway, it should be responsible for removing it.This may be our preferred approach, but it will not endear us to our neighbors and can result in municipal fines. The reason for this reflection on snowfall is the parallel we can find in confronting l…