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Monday; September 23

Last week, Jeane and I were enjoying a tropical vacation when Hurricane Jerry came to life.  The origins of the storm had been brewing for several days, but when it gained strength, it developed very quickly.  As soon as the hurricane began heading west it became obvious that the track of the storm was going to bring it close to the northern Antilles – right where we were!  Throughout the next couple of days the threat of the storm was real, but the models just didn’t seem to point to a landfall at our location; however, visitors and locals on the island had an uneasy feeling.  You see, everywhere you looked you could see the remnants of a major hurricane that had struck the island two years before.  The logical assessment of the low probability of being struck by the hurricane was overwhelmed by the fear of what they had already experienced. Now that we are safe at home, it is tempting to say “told you so”, but as I look back on the experience, I see something very prevalent in human …