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Friday; May 17

I have had the opportunity to attend a few funerals over the past several days.(Well, I guess it is more appropriate to call them “memorials” or “celebrations of life” these days.)As I reflect on these events it has caused me to ponder how I would like to be remembered when I die.Whether we like it or not we will all eventually die and just about every one of us will be the focal point of some type of memorial service.The issue is what theme will be promoted when we pass?Will we be known for doing things our own way?Will we be recalled as the clown of the party – someone who lived fast and loose?Will we be mourned because the world has lost a righteous person who left a trail of goodness wherever we went?The interesting thing about this thought is that it will have less to do with how we died and more to do with how we lived.Sure, there can be tragic circumstances surrounding a death, but the essence of our influence will typically not be found in our manner of death; rather, in our l…