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Monday; July 24

One of the things I like about sports is that though the game is played on the field (or the court), fans have figured out a way to analyze performance.  Some numbers (like batting average or yards per game) offer an overall look at the accomplishments of the performers, but there are some special numbers that determine a player's performance at crunch time.  In baseball, a  batter’s value might be determined by his average with two outs and runners in scoring position and a relief pitcher might be gauged by now many inherited baserunners he allows to score when he comes into the game.  In football the standard might be how many “two minute comebacks” or “game winning drives” a quarterback has engineered.  Statistics tell the story across the board, but there are some stats that help us figure out who we want leading our team when the game is on the line. How are we when it comes to helping people in crisis?   Many find it easy to be solid friends and good neighbors when things are…