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Wednesday; July 17

When is the best time to make the most appropriate decisions about how we are going to handle a potentially damaging situation?I am sure that the majority of us would respond that the best time to prepare for potential consequences is before we find ourselves in that situation.Now, having established this foundation, let’s take it out of the theoretical and apply it to the practical.When is the best time to prepare for an immoral enticement – when we are in the middle of the temptation or before we even get into that situation?Most of us logically know that we are apt to fail if we find ourselves “reacting” to temptations, but if we either pre-plan for or avoid the situation in the first place we will be safer.If we feel sexually attracted to a co-worker, we’d be better off not being alone with them.If we are apt to take money from the till at work, we had better have some sort of accounting system in place to make sure we stay honest.If we struggle with alcohol abuse or addiction, it…