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Thursday; April 4

One of my biggest dilemmas is when someone who claims to be a positive spiritual example gets caught by the media doing something wrong.On one hand, it is easy to blame the media for targeting those who advocate morality, but is it really the story-tellers who are the bad guys?When someone who advocates spirituality gets caught in an error should we really get mad at the press for calling it to people’s attention or should we be disappointed in the one who committed the act?Most of us hate to see someone on our “side” being criticized for doing something wrong – but, is it really the fault of the ones telling the story or the one living the life?Sure, it might make our lives easier if the trespass went unreported, but when it does get reported we need to make sure that we correctly assess responsibility. Whenever we make the claim of being a spiritual person, we automatically come under scrutiny – and we should.If we are going to call upon others to examine their lives, we need to be m…