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Thursday; March 22

One of the things I have learned about living in a “free and open society” is that everyone has an opinion and everyone has the right to express it.One of the things that I have learned from living as long as I have in a free and open society is that we are better when we are willing to discuss things – even those things about which we disagree. I think that most people would intellectually agree with the preceding thought, the problem comes when we put it into practice.I may say that I like discussion, but it is very easy for me to shutdown communication with those who disagree with me.Some end these discussions just by closing our ears (and our minds) and walking away. I guess we have the right to do this and, while I think it lessens our development and effectiveness, it is an inoffensive option.Yet, there is another way to cease discussions that is very effective, but not quite as sociable.When some of us want to shut down communication we find it easy to do by labeling others.When…