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Wednesday; November 22

Fifty-four years ago our nation was shocked, saddened and sacred.  On November 22, 1963 President John Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas.  President Kennedy was a young man who was looked upon as new type of leader – one that could and would usher in a renewed nation and a fresh philosophy.  History is intrigued by what might have happened had President Kennedy lived, but alas, it is all a matter of speculation because we will never know.  I don’t actually remember President Kennedy (even though I was alive during his brief presidency), but I am convinced that some of his programs were accomplished because of his assassination and some of his dreams became reality due to the nature and timing of his death. Centuries before John Kennedy was killed another fresh-thinking leader died at the hands of evil men.  Jesus came to earth with a renewed way of seeing the world and a fresh look at what was possible.  He, too, was charismatic and controversial.  Initially, it appeared that He wa…