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Wednesday; August 1

When we read (or hear) of someone’s good fortune, how do we respond?There are various reactions we can have to other people being successful, but it basically boils down to two choices:we can either be happy for them or we can begrudge their good fortune.When we discount their accomplishments, question their tactics, or feel that we are more deserving we show an ungracious spirit that comes from selfishness.However, when we applaud their successes we demonstrate a love and goodwill that allows for mutual support. The next time we hear of another person’s accomplishments and the praises that go with it, let’s ask ourselves how we would like for others to respond if we were the ones in the limelight.Would we want them to be critical or joyful?Would we hope that they would celebrate with us or do whatever they could to “release the air from our balloons”?Let’s be happy for one another. Remember, what goes around comes around – when we rejoice with others, they are more likely to rejoice w…