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Thursday; June 28

When we discuss leadership one thing that often gets overlooked is the ability to lay the groundwork for future leaders.  Ironically, it is typically against human nature to develop the next level of leaders because when we do, we risk being ousted by their rise to the top.  In the past, we have given lip service to developing future leaders while doing what we can to keep them in their place.  Whether it is in not trusting them enough to provide them with our knowledge and insight or doing what we need to do to make sure we stay on top of the ladder, we are tempted to secure our place at the top.  What would happen, though, if we created an environment of mentorship (aka leadership) where we willingly shared what we had accumulated with an eye toward turning over the reigns of leadership to them.  If we were more open to developing future leaders they might be less likely to do whatever was necessary to climb the ladder of success.           Have we given much thought to the…