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Wednesday; December 26

What are you going to be doing today?For some, there will be more gift-giving; for others there will be gift-exchanging (at the mall or the big box retailer).Some people will be enjoying another day off of work while some of us will be heading back to our jobs.Some will be traveling, some will be relaxing, some will be cleaning up wrapping paper.Even though the Holiday Season continues for the next week or so, Christmas Day is over for another year.However, before we get too far away from December 25, I have a request I would like to make of us ... as we move on towards the end of December and into 2019 please don’t leave Jesus in the manger until next year! Before the beginning of the tradition that would become Christmas, the earliest believers were reminded, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8).It is awful tempting to pack Jesus away with the nativity scene, but the fact of the matter is that Jesus is not just a “one-day-a-year Christ”, He is Lo…