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Thursday; September 19

What makes a leader?  Is it results ... power ... fear ... planning?  There are several definitions of leadership out there, but to me there is only one that makes sense:  Leadership is influencing others in a way that they can become the best that they can me.  Leadership isn’t about us achieving our own goals, it isn’t even getting the best effort out of those around us ... it is about helping people achieve what is possible with the talents they have been given.  Sure, it is great when they will partner with us on a shared vision, but even if they decide to leave us and head out on their own – if we have helped them eventually reach their peak, we have demonstrated leadership. One of my favorite authors on leadership is Simon Sinek.  Sinek has written a couple of books on the topic and has become a valuable resource in helping leaders develop themselves.  One of the reasons I like Sinek is because he doesn’t confuse leadership with management or self-promotion.  In fact, one of his …