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Tuesday; May 29

The other day I was reading a social media post from someone from Indiana who was excited about the Indianapolis 500.  As I scanned down the responses I noticed one that – in no uncertain terms – mentioned how boring the race was.  On one hand, I can empathize with the non-race fan, but then it dawned on me that just because something isn’t of interest to me that doesn’t mean others feel the same way.  Even if a lot of people share my feelings, what gives us the right to criticize what other people enjoy? (I should have known this because as a baseball fan I have been subjected to the chant of “boring” more than once in my life.)           As I pondered this, it got to thinking about the number of times I have been guilty of not being excited about things that interest other people.  How many times has someone tried to share something with me and I all but blew them off?  (By the way, the answer to that question is “More than I can – or care to – count!”)           So, how can I be a b…