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Monday; October 14

Christopher Columbus is one of the more controversial people of our time.  For some, he is an international hero who opened up trade routes between Europe and the rest of the world.  To others, especially our Native American friends and neighbors, he has come to symbolize violence and greed.  Either way – love him or hate him – he was instrumental in changing the world. I am not here to debate the good or the bad of Columbus, rather to make a comment about vision and a willingness to pursue it.  Columbus’ request for funding was not simple nor were his voyages easy, but he had a vision for what he wanted to accomplish and the drive to make it happen.  Some might question his motives, but his commitment is evident. What do we want to do in life?  Have we even thought about the impact we want to have?  And, if so, have we developed the fortitude to make it happen?  Some people never dream ... others dream but never try ... yet the ones who leave a legacy are those who combine thought with…