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Thursday; March 28

In the spring of 1997 I had the opportunity to work with the Grand Forks, North Dakota Police Department response to the flooding of the Red River.  When I arrived the  flood waters were very evident – there was water in the neighborhoods, streets, parks and parking lots.  Yet, as the days passed, something interesting happened – the water receded.  Within a couple of days the water was gone and from a surface perspective, things looked almost back to normal; but that was far from the truth.  Basements throughout town were still flooded, standing bridges had suffered structural stress, the electrical grid was damaged and, as much as anything, people’s activities were disrupted and their lives were devastated.  Sometimes, when things seem to be back to normal, crisis is still present.  This concept has come to my attention again recently.  According to reports, the effects of the Parkland school shooting are still obvious a year after the tragedy.  Military sources continue to deal wit…