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Friday; March 29

In his book, “Top Of The Hill”, Manie Robinson describes Dabo Swinney’s rise into the college elite as the coach of the Clemson Tigers.Among the stories chronicled in the book Robinson describes Hunter Renfrow’s development as a wide receiver – long before he enrolled in Clemson.As a child, Hunter would often play football by himself, but every so often his mother Suzanne Renfrow would play as well.Suzanne explained that she could not throw a straight ball, so Hunter would have to dive after them.Hunter is quoted as saying, “That’s why I became a decent receiver because I’d have to go and retrieve my mom’s balls when they were all over the place.”Suzanne adds, “God can use anything, He can even use a mom that’s a terrible athlete.”A lot of college athletes developed their skills through football camps, strong high school programs and constant conditioning – Hunter Renfro found his niche through a mom who couldn’t throw straight, but cared enough to try. I am inspired by this story in t…