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Thursday; July 25

I just noticed that we are five months away from Christmas.  Wow, with as warm as it has been the last few weeks it is hard to believe that we are (slowly but surely) approaching not only the cooler temperatures, but also one of my favorite times of the year.  As I thought about the “impending” holiday season, it caused me to think about a church sign I saw shortly after Easter that said, “All the Easter candy might be gone, but Jesus is still raised from the dead.”.  I really like that!  Sometimes it seems we get wrapped up in the peripheral aspects of things and tend to miss the heart (and soul) of the matter.  Easter is rapidly becoming almost as commercial as Christmas, but it is the reminder of Jesus’ resurrection that that should inspire us. Folks, I realize that it is nowhere near Christmas or Easter but that shouldn’t matter because Jesus is still alive and well.  He isn’t merely the star of the show a couple times a year – He is Lord and King each and every day of the year.  J…