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Thursday; April 26

The other day I was having a conversation with a preacher friend of mine.  We were discussing some municipal changes to the local community that had the people up-in-arms.  Some adamantly supported a new road while others while others vehemently opposed its construction.  As my wise friend ended our conversation, he made an incredible statement – it doesn’t really matter what happens.  Approving the proposal might create extra traffic in a quiet neighborhood and denying the project might mean that they still had to endure high seasonal traffic congestion, but in all reality it just isn’t all that important.  Wow!  That is truth!  Life is not measured by whether or not we construct a road. Do we invest too much energy in things that have too little meaning?  It is easy to get “wrapped around the axle” over things that really aren’t that important.  We stress ourselves out over issues that will be gone and forgotten in a matter of months (or weeks or even days).  We strain relationships …