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Thursday; July 18

Pretty early last Sunday morning I was in one of our local gas stations/convenience stores when I overheard a discussion behind me.  One person had parked his oversized pickup in a handicapped parking space and another person decided to make some comment about it in the middle of the store where everyone else could hear it.  As you might expect, the driver had a “witty” retort back to what had been said to him, which led to the other person adding his emotion-fueled reaction to what was said.  There were at least a half a dozen people in the store and, if they were like me, they felt uncomfortable about these two strangers going after each other – airing their intense personal feelings where the rest of us could hear them.  As I walked away from the store I got to thinking about what that whole exchanged accomplished and my conclusion was “nothing” (well, other than making two people irritated and several others feel awkward).  While I believe there was definitely one person who had t…