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Thursday; August 23

Are we serious about our Christianity?Back when people were first called “Christians”, not only did it have a very specific meaning, it also carried with it some potentially serious consequences.Those who called themselves Christians did so with an understanding that this description might cause them to be castigated by their families or disciplined by their religious or secular communities.Christianity in today’s world is not as narrowly defined nor does the name carry the same consequences.In our land of free religion, Christianity has become more of a category than a commitment.Yet, the truth is that there is a responsibility that comes with the name.Those who casually accept the moniker of “Christian”, then don’t follow through with the expectations, create some serious issues: 1.First, they lose their own integrity.People expect a certain lifestyle from Christians, so when it isn’t followed, their reputation is tainted. 2.Second, they bring reproach on Christianity.The world’s view…