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Thursday; March 29

Historically-speaking, today is the anniversary of the Last Supper.If we understand that Jesus was crucified on Friday, then the preceding night was an evening filled with betrayal, treachery, religious heresy and violence.Yet, before all that unfolded, Jesus shared a quiet Passover feast with His closest companions.Several things happened during dinner, but to me, one of the most important aspects of this evening was that Jesus knew this was going to be His last visit with these core disciples before their world was turned upside down.Sure, there would be time to make sense of it all after the resurrection, but what did they need do know to get through the most tying time in their lives?As we read the Gospels (especially John) we find that Jesus highlights several themes:First of all, they needed to understand that they were not going to be alone.They would have each other and they were going to have the Spirit of God with them.They also needed to know that the thing that would get t…