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Wednesday; October 23

Last week Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter became the king and queen of presidential couples.  Former president Carter and his bride have had the longest marriage of any president and first lady.  (They passed George and Barbara Bush when they reached 26,766 days together – that’s over 73 years as a married couple.)           As I read about this milestone, I got to thinking about what makes a marriage last and, while the list is quite extensive, here a few things that are important:
1.  Work together.  When we mention “work” within a marriage, we typically think of working to make it successful.  Yet, my point, is that when a couple shares common goals and projects they are apt to stay married.  For the Carters, they are actively involved in the Habitat for Humanity project.  Even in their 90s, they are out there working to make things better for other people.
2.  Play together.  While having a purpose is important, having fun is vital to marital longevity.  Hanging out and doing fun…