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Monday; December 18

Jesus’ arrival on earth was accompanied by an incredible proclamation.  When the shepherds were told of His birth they witnessed a heavenly host praise the event by singing, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among men with whom He is pleased.”. (Luke 2:14)  For the past couple of millennia mankind has been comforted and encouraged by these words – but, what do they mean?  Come now, since that time countless wars have been fought and untold numbers of people have been killed in struggles and acts of violence.  Even when conflicts didn’t end in death, millions of people have been at odds with each other, often to the point of disrupting relationships and destroying any hope of civil co-existence.  How could the angels of heaven been so wrong? I don’t believe God’s messengers were in error, in fact, their proclamation remains true even in today’s crazy, mixed-up world.  The peace promised in the Scriptures is possible, but it is something that must be pursued by each person…