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Monday; September 16

I like chameleons.  Now, let me say that I am not sure that I have seen a whole bunch of REAL chameleons, but I grew up around certain lizards that had the ability to change their skin color to adapt to their environment.  If they were amongst a bunch of foliage, they would turn green.  If they were in a wood pile, they would take on a tannish or brown color.  The reason for these critters to adjust their skin tones is safety.  If they blend into their environment, it is easier for them to avoid their predators. As I thought about how this is a blessing in the animal kingdom I got to wondering if it was curse with humans – especially Christians.  Why do believers work so hard to blend in with their society?  Is it really to be able to influence them or is it so that they don’t stand out in the crowd?  Is our desire to blend in with the world really a way to evangelize or is it so that those who would like to make fun of us or persecute us will either ignore us or leave us alone?  Somet…