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Friday; October 12

Last weekend our granddaughters came to visit us for the weekend.At one point we went down to the park to play on the playground, but the woods became too much of a temptation for them and they decided we needed to go on “an adventure”.As we tromped through the woods they were convinced that we were on a some great quest.They thought they found a fox den and were convinced that the skeleton we discovered was that of a dinosaur.During the hike they kept looking for the next new thing and once the adventure was done they were thrilled at the trek we had taken.On the other hand, what I experienced was an unknown course through narrow trees and holly leaves that scratched us.I saw baggies with the residue of a “leafy green substance” littering the ground and the skeleton I saw resembled a squirrel or, at best, a fox.I found spider webs, slippery logs and bugs.Yes, we were in the same place – the difference was perspective. I hope our granddaughters will remember our adventure fondly, but I…