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Thursday; July 6

Throughout my life I have been exposed to a lot of wisdom.  Some of it came in deep discussions with wise people and some of it came from digesting pages of well written thoughts.  Yet, some of the most applicable truisms come from simple observations.  Some of them may have been said to me and I may have read a few on bumper stickers, but they all contain nuggets of sagacious wealth: 1.  You are never as good as your supporters tell you, nor are you as useless as your critics profess.  Some people have the ability to assess objectively, but many have an agenda – either good or bad.  Let’s be cautious in reading our reviews. 2.  When you believe you are important, try ordering around someone else’s dog.  Often our leadership is found in the relationships we build (both with our pets and our people), not in our own innate talent.  Let’s be committed to being humble, especially around those with whom we don’t have a relationship. 3.  God created us with two ears and one mouth – there shoul…