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Tuesday; April 30

The other day I noticed that someone had attempted to throw something away in the trash can and missed.  It wasn’t anything too obtrusive or disgusting – they just missed the can.  I noticed it, but I didn’t do anything about it.  Then, the next day I noticed that the item was still there – again I noticed it but didn’t do anything about it.  Then the next day ... I am not sure if I even noticed it – oh, it was still there, I just didn’t notice it.  At this point, I think I just came to subconsciously expect that it was supposed to be there and just left it alone.  Today, I finally noticed it again and I realized that the piece of trash was going to be there until I finally did something about it.  Now, the reason for this discussion on a single piece of trash is to ask how many things have we come to accept just because we didn’t deal with them when we first noticed them?  No, I am not (necessarily) talking about trash I am talking about bad habits, community problems, social immoral…