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Monday; December 10

Have you noticed how easy it is to communicate with people these days?  With cellphones, email, texting, Facebook, Instagram and all the other outlets it is pretty easy to reach out to people.  While there are advantages to this, it does have a couple of downsides to it. First, it is hard to get away from people – it seems like they can always find us and our downtime seems to be significantly reduced.  Second, when we can’t immediately reach someone, it can be frustrating.  Why aren’t they answering their phone?  Why didn’t they return my text?  Are they ever going to respond to my email – I sent it over an hour ago!  Increased communication potential has translated into instant communication possibilities, so it gets frustrating when it doesn’t happen in MY timeframe. As I thought about the possibility of instant communication, I got to thinking about God.  While 24/7/365 communication might be unique to mankind in this generation, it has been something God has practiced from the beg…