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Wednesday; December 13

The other night we were watching a TV show where an “amateur sleuth” was helping law enforcement solve a crime.  When the officer attempted to discourage the meddler by saying that it was better if he left the investigation to the professionals the interloper reminded the detective that professionals built the Titanic while an amateur (with the help of God) built the ark.  I believe that there is a place for professionals in many aspects of our lives.  I think there is value in allowing someone who has studied the information and invested time in applying the principles to help us solve our problems, however they may not be the only ones with wisdom – especially if they have discounted the presence of God in their area of expertise.  Often, we are tempted to accept the words of experts in the area of natural and social sciences even when they are in conflict with the message of God.  The downfall of this type of problem-solving is that it is limited by the human capacity for understan…