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Tuesday; August 21

Have you noticed how much we are willing to trust people?There is a “practical side to human faith”.We don’t seem to give a second thought to matters of faith when it is convenient for us.We are more than willing to have faith that the people coming at us at 70 miles an hour in the on-coming lane of traffic will stay on their side of the road.We have so much faith in the guy who inspected the airplane we are about to board that we are willing to risk our lives by defying gravity at 30,000 feet AND doing so by purchasing a non-refundable ticket!We trust that the person who is about to fix our food doesn’t have a contagious disease or the one working on our computer isn’t so far in debt that they are about to clone our information and steal us blind! Folks, by definition faith doesn’t make sense.It is illogical, it is unexplainable, it is untestable and cannot be proven.However, we can’t live without it.Now, here is the rub, if we are willing to trust people – who are notorious for letti…