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Friday; November 16

I am annoyed that I can’t just go hop on a plane and fly down to Cuba.That may be an interesting way to begin this, but, hang in there with me for a little bit; hopefully, it will make sense.I have been fascinated by Cuba most of my life.The island nation has a rich heritage and an interesting history.From what I understand it is stunning – filled with all kinds natural beauty and cultural expression.There it is, just 90 miles off the coast of Florida, and because of the political environment in which we have lived during the past six decades I can’t go!I wish someone would fix this so that I could enjoy this island paradise. Now, the reason that I share this rant is not as much about wanting to go to Cuba as it is a realization about my own state of mind.You see, in my own life:I would like to be happy ... I would like to find peace ... I would like to get rid of worry ... I would like to fulfill my potential.In other words, I would like someone to fix my problem so I could enjoy the …