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Wednesday; May 2

Several years ago I was doing some work with Adult Education and came across the concepts found in Bloom’s Taxonomy.I don’t know this stuff well enough to teach it publicly, but one thing I did learn was that we all have a graduated learning process.We don’t go from ignorance to excellence in one leap, we have to navigate through a developmental process that begins with basic knowledge and culminates in the ability to analyze our actions and pass our wisdom on to others. As I thought about this process I started to see the need for the development’s place in our spiritual maturity.When we consider our Christian walk, is mere knowledge enough or do we need to be able to demonstrate godly principles to be truly righteous?Let’s set aside our need to teach for a second, what would happen to our spirituality if we required more from ourselves than the mere ability to tell people what we should be doing? The Bible never mentions Bloom’s in its pages, but it does say this, “Therefore, to one w…