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Friday; January 19

Which is easier:  To appreciate people for what they do or to criticize them for what they don’t do?  Well, I know which way I’d like to answer this question – but, I also know which answer typically reflects my perspective.  While it is easy to miss seeing people doing good things we are pretty keen at finding their failings.  We are more apt to miss acknowledging action than we are to ignore inaction.  I am not sure why we have programmed ourselves to overlook the good deeds done by our friends and neighbors, but we need to make sure that we see and respond to them when they do good.  Conversely, it may be in their (and our) best interest to be slow to condemn their inactivity.  Who knows, maybe they have a good reason for not being involved in something – or maybe they are quietly involved in something that is more important than what we expect them to be doing.  Maybe, just maybe, they don’t know what they should be doing and are waiting on us to direct their efforts.  Let’s limit…